Thursday, January 18, 2007

You Going to the Big Game?

It was the oddest thing, but a few days before we left for New Orleans, people started asking us if we were going to see the game. Uh, game? Yeah, the NFC divisional championship game at the Superdome on Saturday - Saints versus Eagles. Uh, the Eagles? Please tell me you're joking. No, huh. Nope, not going to see the game, and if I knew the Eagles were going to be in town, I probably wouldn't have gone.
There has always been a blank spot in my head where team sports would ordinarily go. Yeah, beefy guys in tight outfits, it's not bad to look at, but I just don't usually get what's going on in the game until they show the score on the screen. However, it's the Eagles fans who hold a special in my heart - a very bad one. I've been to a number of concerts in the Philly area where the Eagles fans hang out in the men's rooms and spend the night doing the Eagles cheer. Over and over. And it's not just one group of guys in one loo, it happens all over. Paying $40 plus to spend the night in the men's room cheering - how gay is that? Sheesh.
Fortunately, the Eagles fans seldom managed to rise over the usual Bourbon Street hubbub, and the Saints fans didn't really get crazy until Saturday night. You shoulda heard the commotion when they won! And a good time was had by all. Best of all, the men's rooms weren't any crazier than usual in New Orleans. Trust me, that's crazy enough!


At 2:22 PM , Blogger amanda_welvers said...

I liked your anti-football interest blog so much, I wrote one of my own, too long to post here, so:

I hope that you and Jeff are both well! Love to you both,


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