Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maybe the Republicans Need to Send Out a Memo About Not Appearing on the Daily Show Either

The hubby and I were watching the Daily Show from Tuesday night, which had John McCain as the guest. (video at Crooks and Liars) He has fully embraced the dark side at this point, and it was somewhere between painful and infuriating to watch. Jon Stewart was cutting him no slack, and they spent the bulk of the interview trying to talk over each other. I sometimes find myself wishing that the Daily Show were an hour long so that they could get into substantive talks during the show - it's certainly more informative than anything found on network news.

During the interview, McCain said that he hears from people in the military all the time, and that they support the war, and feel that the mission is a good one. McCain was in the military, served in the Viet Nam war, and spent some time as a POW, so he knows full well what they are going through, and also knows that not everyone in the military holds the same opinion! After the steam stopped coming out of my ears, I thought it might be a good idea to share a link to a post I saw at Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. It's from a Marine who is, shall we say, less than supportive of the mission. (Warning: it is both profane and heartbreaking.) Perhaps Mr. McCain needs to hear from a few of the soldiers who have different opinions.

At any rate, I'm no longer worried about McCain becoming president. At a time when the majority of the country believes the war to be a mistake, he's embracing it. So he's well and truly fixed on a career death spiral. Anybody want to start a pool on when he'll finally auger in?


At 11:19 AM , Blogger HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Good post. McCain has become a tool of his own ambition and the sooner he drops out, the better I'll feel. I posted the Skippy/Craig'sList letter as well. Heartbreaking.


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